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Images Around Us


 by Da Le


Da Le loves photography since the days in college. His first camera was a German made Kodak SLR using instamatic drop-in film cartridges. As his interest in photography grew, he traded it in for a new Nikon F with photomic FTN using his scholarship money. He was trained and worked in Engineering, but has never left his cameras...


In 1995, he started Empire Printing and Publishing, Inc., and devoted full time to his photography and print media business. He specializes in Product and Food Photography, and well experienced with large and shiny objects. His company offer a full line of printed products from taking pictures to designing and producing custom brochures, catalogs, books, menus and calendars for businesses.


He lives in Upland, California and takes assignments around Southern California. In his free time, he travels and snaps images of people and their places, wherever it may be.


To him beauty is simplicity!